I earned a BA at Adelphi University and a Jurist Doctorate at St. John’s University.  I have been preparing Income Taxes since 1984, and was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1999.  In addition to preparing taxes, I represent my clients before various tax agencies.

I am a retired member of the New York City Police Department, serving in rank from Police Officer through Deputy Inspector.  Throughout my thirty plus years with the Department, I have prepared income taxes of members of the service as well as other municipal workers (i.e. Fire, Corrections, EMS, Sanitation).  I am familiar with the nuances unique to Police Officers and other Municipal Workers in the preparation of their tax returns. 

I also prepare S-Corporation and Not-For-Profit Returns.

As opposed to other tax preparation services, I personally interview, consult with, and prepare my client’s returns.  I do not hand my clients off to other preparers.  I am available year-round to answer questions and provide assistance.  I maintain long term relationships with my clients which allows me to better advise them regarding tax planning strategies.

 I rectify past errors. During our initial consultation, I review the tax returns that your prior accountant prepared and advise the clients on steps to take to correct them when necessary. If your tax returns are audited, I represent you before the IRS and taxing authorities.